ICCS is a cleaning company that offers great quality cleaning services with a high level of professionalism and attention to detail for commercial, retail and residential.
Our Services
Our Services
We offer a bouquet of cleaning services, but more importantly we work hand in hand with you, our client, in order to deliver a service that you are satisfied with. Our aim is to build long term relationships with you our client first. All our cleaning is done by highly trained and experiences staff along with a supervisor onsite.
Our Team
Our Team
Our team is highly skilled and equipped with the best cleaning methods, we are dedicated to our work and work day and night shifts depending on your requirements. ICCS  site training and inspection is done in order to understand the clients needs and for our team to be able to respond accordingly to those needs.

About us

ICCS is a cleaning company that offers quality cleaning services with a high level of professionalism and perfection, by our highly trained dedicated team, we offer services in commercial, retail and residential.

  • We are client centric and deliver a high quality service, at all times
  • We were established in 2006,
  • We are 100% black female owned
  • We use non-abrasive environmentally friendly chemicals which are
    SABS approved.
  • We are perfectionists!
Retail space deaning
Residential cleaning
Office cleaning
Hygiene cleaning
Commercial surfaces cleaning

Our Promise To You

Our Services
Our Team
Our Process

Total cleaning

What our clients say

"They (ICCS) have provided me in my region with excellent service in cleaning. Their work has been a major factor in helping us to be successful and create a clean environment for our customers to shop in." Our clients have only good things to say about us. Over the last 15 years to we proud t...
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